Welcome Viking Faithful!

Northview ASB understands that 2020 and this school year have been difficult year for all of our Viking families. In an effort to nurture compassion and empathy we have created this blog. Our hope is that this blog will become a place where students, teachers administrators, parents and community members can share their Views. Our goal is simple—to create a place where our community can find a common ground. A place where understanding and empathy can be seen, read and created. We hope you enjoy the blogs that are posted and that they foster understanding. If you would like to be a guest blogger or vlogger, please submit your blog/vlog to vikingviews@c-vusd.org. #goldlifegoodlife #inthistogether

We Are Northview

ATHLETICS: We’re so excited for when sports comes back, don’t forget to keep up with us for updates

CLUBS: With clubs online, we’ll be sure to include all meeting schedules here !!

Crossfire Updates










Get excited for Crossfire 2020-2021 with this year’s Music Genres

  • Seniors: Hip Hop
  • Juniors: R&B
  • Sophomores: Rock
  • Freshmen: Pop

Don’t forget to checkout the theme reveal video!!

Our Current Views

Mindfulness and Self Care are Important, Vikings! Meditation and Self-Care Corner

When you are feeling stressed, take a moment and try to practice this breathing technique.

Watch this video and follow the bubble to healthy breathing.

Welcome this week’s Guest Vlogger, Dr. Puccio, Principal of Las Palmas Middle School

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